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Nokia ‘Treasure Tag’ Lumia Accessory Could Stop You Ever Losing Your Keys

Nokia ‘Treasure Tag’ Lumia Accessory Could Stop You Ever Losing Your Keys

NOKIA KEYCHAIN KEY Finder Treasure Tag WS-10 mini for Lumia 630 635 930 830 ... Whatever your device - we've got you coveredWe sell only genuine approved ... All orders we received before 2pm will be dispatched the same day subject to ... Stop losing your keys or leaving your wallet behind with the 2-Pack Nokia.... Smartphone maker Nokia has unveiled a phone accessory designed to keep you from ever losing you car keys -- or your phone, for that matter.... Nokia's Treasure Tag Ensures You'll Never Lose Your Phone Again ... can piggyback onto all your valuables and keep them from becoming irrecoverably lost. ... an attractive accessory that keeps tabs on your precious possessions. ... the tag or, say, your keys, your phone and keys will both sound an alarm.. Share All sharing options for: Nokia's new Bluetooth 'Treasure Tag' will prevent you from ever losing your keys again. Nokia is preparing to launch a proximity sensor accessory for its range of Lumia Windows Phones. ... The sensor will trigger a notification sound on a phone, but only if it's within range.. Nokia Treasure Tags are square, matchbox-sized pieces of plastic you can ... Treasure Tag tries to keep your valuables safe The device pairs with a Lumia.... Nokia is looking to launch a proximity sensor accessory for Lumia Windows ... The Verge reports that Nokia will release a "Treasure Tag" that will ... Designed to be "always on," the Treasure Tag includes a battery that will last.... Nokia's new Bluetooth 'Treasure Tag' will prevent you from ever losing your keys again Nokia is preparing to launch a proximity sensor accessory for its range of Lumia Windows Phones. Sources familiar with Nokia's plans have revealed to.... Paired with Nokia smartphones or tablets that use the Lumia Black ... that you like to keep track of, and the software will constantly monitor the location of that device. ... Don't lose your keys again, as long as you have a Treasure Tag. ... Headphones & Earphones Cameras Laptop Accessories Misc Gadgets.... Microsoft Mobile was a subsidiary of Microsoft involved in the development and manufacturing ... In May 2016, Microsoft gutted its mobile business, selling the Nokia feature ... Nokia's smartphone sales, which had been increasing, collapsed. ... "Nokia Treasure Tag is a $30 Lumia accessory to help keep valuables safe.... Thanks to Nokia's NFC gadget the Treasure Tag you'll never lose your keys or ... Nokia's NFC/Bluetooth combo device will function solely with with Lumia.... Nokia's Treasure Tag, which has been the subject of a few leaks over the past year or so, is now official. ... So, for example, you can keep the Treasure Tag on your keys and you'll be alerted if ... It will natively work with Nokia's Lumia smartphones running Lumia Black, though Nokia ... Accessories Nokia.. Nokia 'Treasure Tag' Lumia accessory could stop you ever losing your keys . ... You can attach it to your keys or other favorite belongings - this.... Pair a Nokia Treasure Tag to your Lumia and switch off the alert tone within ... If you've parked your car in an open-air car park your vehicle will be immediately findable. ... A key accessory. Treasure-Tag_lost-keys. Keys. While useful, they're small and insignificant enough to be continually lost and found.. The Nokia Treasure Tag helps you find your keys by whipping out your phone ... It's always on and the battery is designed to last for around six months. ... you can switch to Nokia's Livesight augmented reality view and hold your phone ... What other accessories would you like to see talking to your phone?. Lumia-integrated Treasure Tag proximity accessory helps keep things safe ... Attached to your keys, your bag, or even your wallet, the Nokia Treasure Tag, and your ... you've left your wallet, or your phone, sitting on the kitchen table? ... The accompanying Nokia Treasure Tag app can be downloaded from...

Nokia Treasure Tag (WS-2) is a proximity sensor which helps you easily find your ... Slip the sensor in your bag, or use the strap to attach it to your keys. ... If you do lose your stuff, you can check on a map where to start looking. The proximity sensor is compatible with Windows Phone 8 or later phones ... Keep the device dry.. Losing your keys can be a frustrating, and often time consuming experience. ... Nokia's "Treasure Tag" will help you find misplaced keys, Lumias ... The accessory will be compatible with the popular Lumia Windows Phone line ... The tracking device is designed to be always on, and since it's one of the first.... Nokia has unveiled its Treasure Tag device, which can help people use their smartphones to find valuables like keys or a bag by putting a tag on them. ... The accessory starts shipping in April and will cost about $30 ... connected to their Lumia, and each tag can be placed on the start screen as a Live Tile.. If the phone is missing, you can hold down a key of a tagged sensor (or use the 'Find my Windows Phone web service) which will make the.... A colorful new accessory from Nokia will help you keep your modern-day treasures close at hand. Treasure Tags are square, matchbox-sized...


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